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Match Review: Kimberley MW

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Match review: Kimberley MW (H)

Hopes were high going into Saturday's game against Kimberley M.W.

The Bulls started the better side with two clear-cut changes early in the first half.

Anoja Onasanya's header was cleared off the line following Jack Cockram's corner.

The Bull's second chance of the game came from a Vinny Mukendi header which just lands on the wrong side of the goal.

The bulls conceded with a penalty early on in the second half which James Shaw had no trouble tucking away.

Kimberley ensured the victory with goals from Lewis partridge, a second from James shaw, and Nathan Banton rounding up the scoring.

Half time score: 0-0

Final score: 0-4

Attendance: 65

The Bulls starting XI: 1. Richard Dearle 2. Jack Cockram 3. Rhys Alsop

4. Anjola Onasanya 5. Adam Bratley (c) 6. Conor Moore 7. Ethan Hulley 8. Sean Devlin 9. Vinny Mukendi 10. Pharrell Waite 11. Joe Harrison

Subs 12. Ewan Mckenna 14. Josh Hobson 15. Surafel Tefera 16. Ayleal Dill 17. Yewo Nyirenda


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