committee and advisory board

AFC Mansfield Committee 

Mike Abbs.jpg

Mike Abbs - Chairman

Spencer Fearn - Committee Member 

Graham Hall - Committee Member and Secretary

Paul Frost - Vice Chairman

Carolyn Abbs.jpg
Mark Whiston.jpg

Carolyn Abbs - Committee Member 

Mark Whiston - Committee Member 

Lara Joyce - Committee Member 

Ryan McKnight- Committee Member 

AFC Mansfield Advisory Board

Nathan Thompson - Chairman 

Ed Airey - Board Member

Jane McCarthy.jpg

Jane McCarthy - Board Member

Chris Brindley MBE - Board Member

Dr. Ian Lawrence - Board Member 

Adam Shaw.jpg

Iain Kirkpatrick - Board Member

Adam Shaw - Board Member

Dean Marks.jpg
Paul Bullock.jpg

Dean Marks - Board Member

Paul Bullock - Board Member