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Bulls improve despite defeat

Match Review: Melton Town (A)

The Bulls were an improved side going into yesterday's game against Melton Town and were perhaps unlucky to go away with the defeat.

Melton started the game well with a freekick on the edge of the box within the first five minutes of the game, but the ball sailed over the bar.

The Bulls tried to react a few moments later, with full-back Rhys Walwyn-Alsop playing through a nice-looking ball to try and find striker Josh Lawe, but he couldn't time his run and the threat was cancelled out due to the assistant raising his flag.

Defender Max Jemson arguably the man of the match had plenty of defending to do, he slid in to clear a dangerous threat from Melton to keep his side level.

Melton scored with a close-range shot from Gregory Adam Mills to take his team into the lead at the half-hour mark.

Bulls striker Yewo Nyrienda could have levelled it for the Bulls with a great ball from attacker Sean Devlin, Yewo heads the ball toward the ground and the ball just bounces over the bar.

Melton attacked and controlled the ball for the majority of the second half, but couldn't break past the Bull's defence.

Keeper Richard Dearle made a great save getting down low to prevent Melton from doubling their lead on the 60th-minute mark.

AFC Mansfield has three massive league games coming up, including a mouth-watering tie with local side Sherwood Colliery, all support is appreciated come along and get behind Phil Buxton's barmy army.

Starting XI. 1. Dearle 2. Buxton 3. Walwyn-Alsop 4. Hobson. 5 Bratley (c) 6. Jemson 7. Tefera 8. Onasanya (Marshall 76 ) 9. Lawe (Waite 52 ) 10.Nyirenda (Dill 76) 11. Devlin (McKenna 67)


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