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A frustrating night for the Bulls.

Match Review: Heather St Johns (H)

The Bulls struggled under the lights at the Forest Town Arena on Tuesday night, as they crumbled to a Heather St Johns side who are looking to overtake them in a battle to survive relegation.

It was a slow start for both sides as they tussled to gain control in the middle of the park, Sean Devlin earned the Bulls the first chance of the game as his shot from inside the area hits the wrong side of the post.

Midfielder, Thomas Lees-Collier's corner caused the Heather defence some trouble, finding the head of Joe Harrison but he struggled to control his header and the ball ended up out of play.

The pair linked up again soon after with Lees-Collier trying to play Harrison in on goal but the assistant's flag is raised for offside ending the threat.

On the stroke of half time Bulls player Mark Dudley hits a speculative shot from a distance which again flies past the post.

The second half started much slower for the Bulls, not causing Heather any real problems.

Trey Wilks scored Heather's first goal of the game following a shot inside the area, the Bull's defense didn't deal with the attacking threat allowing Wilks to score from inside the area.

A mistake from Dearle allowed Heather St Johns to score a second, a shot from Jordan Stanley Blake Edwards went straight through the keeper's hands summing a up a frustrating night for the Bulls.

Starting XI. 1. Dearle 2.Tefera 3. Onasanya 4. Maxwell Jemson 5. Bratley (c) 6.Dudley ( 80 Hobson) 7. Lees-Collier ( 70 Walwyn-Alsop) 8. Harrison ( 80 McKenna) 9. Nyirenda ( 62 Waite ) 10. Devlin ( 62 Dill ) 11. Lawe


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