AFC Mansfield

Friday, November 15, 2013

Radford U19 2 - 0 AFC Mansfield U19

The Under 19's played away at last night for the first time in 3 weeks due to match cancellations weather and a free week, and it showed as they lost 2-0 to the better side!

Debuts for- Luke James, Sam Wilkinson and Aaron Rhodes.

The opening minutes looked promising withe Declan Brewin and Toby Birch both creating good chance, however the end product was disappointing.

Radford opened the scoring with a well worked goal that wasn't challenged outside our 18 yard box, and when the ball came into the box it wasn't dealt with and we paid the price.

Soon afterwards the second goal was concealed in a similar fashion.

Throughout the game we paid the opponents too much respect and didn't close them down at all in midfield, that allowed them free runs at our defence, with Liam Bacon making a couple of good saves.

We played too much into the oppositions hands- constantly playing long balls into the heart of their tall defence, where we never stood a chance of winning the ball, giving possession away too much.

We continued to find the odd opening to run at the defence that didn't show much signs of pace, but we couldn't find the target.

Midway through the second half Radford had two men sent off for ill-discipline which was a feature of the Radford team-yet a well organised one!

We continued to play into the Rad ford’s defence with big long balls, we were never going to win an Arial battle.
Toby and Declan very rarely found the ball being played up to their feet, so we're very much out the game second half.

James Archer held the defensive line, but still Radford had two more excellent chances to capitalise on being 2 men down!

Soon a third would be sent off for lashing out after a Liam Ainger challenge.

All in all we didn't have the Intelligence to adapt to playing against 8 men, our opportunities created against the 8 men didn't get punished as we still could hit the target.

Much work is needed in training to put this season back on track as AFC Mansfield u19's were very disappointing.

Changes are a foot for the players if we don't show the intelligence to get results.

Players booked- John Donaldson, Liam Ainger and Craig Newton.

Man of the Match: Connor Phillips - Had a great performance as usual last night.  Micky Taylor wouldn't go far wrong with including him into the 1st team